FAREAST 28R - The Class of the future

With over 250 boats sold in two years time the FAREAST 28R is a world wide success. High quality, modern design, great performance and affordability form the key to the success of the FAREST 28R. The 28R is ISAF One Design approved, in just over a year we brought in 9 boats, it's the class of the future! We have the 28R in stock and can get you on the water tomorrow, join the FUN!


The Fareast 28R is a proven race winner and has beaten many bigger boats over the line: Melges 32, J-111, Archambault 40, Sydney 38, Pogo 12.5, MC-31, Thompson 980 and Farr 30 are just a few to mention. (see our FaceBook page for race results) The 28R is not purely designed for one design racing, she also performs very well under handicap so you don't have to wait for large fields to appear in your area to have some good fun.

Easy to sail, manage and handle:

The FAREAST 28R is easy to sail despite her impressive performance. The deep spade rudder provides very good control and the form stability of the hull is high, you like a fast but easy to manage and control boat? The Fareast 28R offers it all. Are you over running after 7+ crew? For racing a crew of 5 is ideal, however the simplicity of the 28R makes it possible to go out for a fun spin or twilight with as little as 3 and set the kite in a stiff breeze without a problem. It's easier to find crew for an exciting boat like this. Skilled crews will be challenged to push the boat to it's maximum and beat much bigger boats or prove themselves in fast growing (international) One Design fields. 

ISAF approved One Design Class:

The Fareast 28R is an ISAF approved One-Design class and numbers are growing fast. We are enthusiastic and work hard to establish One Design fields in the nearby future and hope you will join soon!

International Fareast Regattas:

The first 28R World Cup will be held August this year in Europe, First price will be a 28R second a 19R !! Boats are available for charter or can be bought at incredible prices. Other international 28R OD sailing options are the China Cup and the Fareast International regatta in Shanghai (last year they gave away 4 boats, 31R,28R,2x 23R !!)

Easy Trailable and simple lifting:

The keel lifts all the way up and the boat sits nice and low on the trailer reassuring a comfortable and safe drive to those great big events. The 28R is also an ideal boat for hardstand storage, it has a single lifting point on the keel fin and the bulb takes up the boat in the hoist saving the always loved keel lifting workout (which is not too bad by the way)

Construction and hardware:

The Fareast 28R is constructed using a ISO-polyester - foam core sandwich, resin is pre weight and vacuum infused. This advanced building technique guarantees a light and rigid hull. The one piece moulded inner structure "the spine" takes up all the forces from the keel and rigging. The Fareast 28R is very well equipped with the best hardware available from Harken, Spinlock and Selden for the rigging, no compromises have been made when it comes to quality.

Unbeatable price, low running cost:

The Fareast 28R offers the best value for money available on todays market. The starting price of $69,950 is almost half of similar yachts. (see full pricelist under specifications) Sick of antifouling, high repair bills, another expensive sail? Save thousands a year compared to running a bigger yacht.

Multiple ownership?

Maybe not everybody's cup of tea but about half the 28R's we sell are owned by more than one owner. It not only cuts the cost in half but you straight away have 2 motivated crew members. Crew? not showing up? bad luck we're going to have FUN! 


The Australian Sailing Magazine test can also be found under specifications. The Yachting World video test can be seen under video & reviews. 


Like to test the 28R yourself?

We are located in Manly-Brisbane and offer a great day of sailing on Moreton Bay. For those flying in, it's only 20 min. from the airport and we will arrange free transport. Other options are available in Sydney: Pittwater and the Harbour and in Melbourne.

Please contact us for a chat about Fareast or to book your trial sail.


Designer Simonis - Voogd
Length overall 9.07m
Length hull 8.55m
Length waterline 8.07m

FAREAST 28R pricelist 2017 AU v2.1.pdf

Beam 2.75m
Draft 1.75m
Displacement 1360kg
Ballast 600kg

Far East 28R Test Australian Sailing Magazine.pdf

Mainsail area 26.00m2
Jib area 19.00m2
Asym. spinnaker area 80.00m2
CE Certification Class C

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